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The Debut Novel: New Haven Blues


Mick Trubble has two major problems: a past that he can't remember, and a price on his head. So when a mysterious dame shows up with a proposition to recover some stolen goods, it's all in a day's work for a man with nothing to lose.


But this is New Haven, where nothing is as it seems. In this dystopian melting pot of desperate citizens, the rich dwell above in flying vehicles and bright lights, while the disadvantaged fight over the remains in the gritty streets. There are secrets buried behind sealed doors and the minds of men and women who won't hesitate to kill in order to protect them.


So when Mick's case uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the entire populace, he has to rely on his connection, allies, and sheer cunning in order to put the pieces together. He'll need all the luck he can get to keep from catching a case of the New Haven Blues



The Prequel: Four Shots

Being the private eye of the future ain't easy ... especially when you got a bad case of amnesia and a bad habit of stumbling into trouble. But the rent's gotta be paid and booze ain't for free, so Mick Trubble solves problems. When folks find themselves in a particular type of bind, they don't run to the cops. They find themselves a Troubleshooter.

Whether it's an airship deal gone sour, an affair with a mysterious and beautiful gambler, a missing person's case, or just a good ol' fashioned revenge job, Mick is your man. Four Shots is a collection of the first four Troubleshooter short works. Set in a dystopian future where residents live in city-sized Havens, this futuristic thrill ride is a blend of Blade Runner, Ghost in a Shell, and a dash of Casablanca thrown in for good measure. 

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The Sequel: Most Dangerous Dame

Blade Runner meets Bogart in this blend of science fiction and film noir grit that continues the adventures of Mick Trubble: the hard-drinking, chain-smoking, wry-witted private eye of the future. 

Mick has little time to digest the revelations of the New Haven Blues Case. After a chance meeting with an old flame, he is sucker-punched by being framed for her murder. In no time his mission to clear his name gets him tangled with the Mafia on one side and the police on the other. Even worse is the growing realization that the mysterious killer is someone that Mick has ties with, a vengeful ghost with an agenda that includes making Mick the most miserable man in the world. 

Caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Mick is forced to change the rules in order to come out ahead. His desperation will bring him ever closer to truths about his past that he never wanted to unearth, and face to face with someone he never expected to see again. With time running out, his chances for survival grow ever slimmer. One way or another, everything will come down to a deadly encounter with the most dangerous dame.

The Conclusion: Fears in the Rain

Mick's world is shattered by mind-blowing revelations that will rock him to the core. But will the truth set him free ... or utterly destroy him?

Mick's first anniversary of his retirement is spoiled by drastic news: Kilgore is coming. A deadly adversary from Mick's past, he's arrived for a reckoning that will push Mick to the very limit ... and beyond. At the same time, Mick learns the ultimate truth about himself, a dark secret that will change allies into enemies and cause even his closest friends to doubt him.

With his life in shambles and New Haven in flames, Mick still has to face Kilgore in a final confrontation. The ensuing battle will determine the fate of the entire city ... and Mick's as well. The genre-bending New Haven Saga concludes with this explosive installment. 

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