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Welcome to New Haven
Home of the Troubleshooter

Word is that you're looking for a Troubleshooter. That means that you're either neck deep in a jam that the brass won't touch, or you're neck deep in a jam that you don't want the brass to touch. Doesn't really matter in the long run. When folks got nowhere else to turn, they usually wind up giving Mick Trubble a buzz. Because trouble is his business.

And when business is trouble, then business is good.

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Dystopian Noir: sci-fi meets detective pulp meets dieselpunk.

The concept of The Troubleshooter is retro-futurism or dystopian noir as coined by the author, Lewis Knight. It's taking the grit, slang, vibe, and look of the 30s pulp and hardboiled detective stories and dropping all of that in a Blade Runner-styled future. So you get your jazz and bourbon, trench coats and fedoras, dames and gangsters along with your flying cars, synthetic humanoids, and towering cities protected by invisible shielding.



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